Have you ever thought how it would  feel to fly like iron man? Hydroflight is the water-sport which answers that question!

Imagine being held in a single moment where all your focus is centered on flying over the water as your adrenaline surges and you carve the air.  Come experience the adrenaline surge of life's greatest mystery!













About US

At Extreme Hydro Flight, we offer clients the opportunity  to pilot our state of the art Fly Board equipment under the supervision and control of our Certified Flight Instructors. 

The flight instructors perform one on one instruction prior to flight. They also provide in-flight instruction during the flight via wireless two way communication with the pilot while controlling the thrust of the fly board. Each flight is custom tailored to the pilot’s age and skill level ensuring a once in a lifetime experience that is thrilling, enjoyable and above all else is safe.

While one person flies anywhere from 5 to 15 feet above the water’s surface, their friends and family can kick back, relax. They can listen to some tunes and watch from the water on one of our luxury pontoon boats piloted by certified/licensed boat captains.


COME FLY with us

Come fly with a Certified Flight instructor at our Saratoga location operating out of Lee's Park

We guarantee everyone flies.

News & Updates


Hydro Flight Demonstration at the Erie Canal Festival

  • When: Saturday May 19, 2018 [10am - 6pm]
  • Where: Waterford Harbor Visitor Center
    1 Tugboat Alley in Waterford, NY 12188
  • Cost: FREE
  • Offer: Early Season Hydroflight Sale for 2018!!
  • Link: https://www.saratoga.com/event/village-of-waterford-canal-festival-71769/
  • We will have a table with our equipment, fliers, and staff to answer questions. Feel free to discuss your custom party at our location or yours!



 1 to 2 boats up to 17 people: Includes Boat Captain, Gas, USCG Approved Life Jackets.

*Sunset 1.5 hour $180 + tax <1 to 9 people on 1 boat>

2 Boats Sunset 1.5 hour $350 + tax <Up to 17 people on 2 boats>.

 *Fishing trips:  $120 per hour <1 to 8 people>.

 *Sunset + After Dinner Starlight Cruise:$120 per hour <1 to 8 people>.  Description:  Sunset cruise plus Boat ride to a restaurant for dinner (not included in price) plus Starlight Cruise back after dinner.

After Dinner Starlight cruise: $120 per hour  <1 to 8 people>

Starlight Cruise after dinner $120 per hour <1 to 8 people>.  We pick guests up at restaurant after dinner and go for a evening cruise.

Booze Cruise and Bar Hopping Cruise <3 bars>.  No glass please.

========== KAYAK & PADDLEBOARD RENTALS ==========

Kayaks and Paddleboards include life jacket and leash with paddleboard.

Kayaks/Paddleboards available in:

4Hr, 8Hr, & 2day <8a to 8p x 2 days>

We keep kayak/paddleboard overnight 8pm to 8am on 2 day rental.

4hr blocks 8a-12p, 12p-4p, 4p-8p.

Earlier Kayak rental blocks by special request <book the 8-12 and call 518-EXTREME for 6am-10am when approved and staff available>.

1 person Kayak: 4hr $25, 8hr $45, 2 Day $80 

2 person Kayak: 4hr $45, 8hr $75 2 Day $140

Paddleboard: 4hr $25, 8hr $45, 2 Day $80

========== HYDROFLIGHT PRICING POLICY ==========

For first time fliers we recommend a minimum of 30 minutes flight time.  When time allows in our schedule, we can bump up your flight to a longer flight.

 PRICING: 20 minute [20'], 30 minute [30'], 40 minute [40']

20' 1 person $129 + tax [Minimum 2 unless adding to group]

30' 1 person $169 + tax

40' 1 person $199 + tax

==========     DISCOUNTED GROUP RATES     ==========

Estimate total time: 40 minutes round-trip boat ride plus the 20', 30' or 40' flights plus 10 minutes between hydro flights.

20' x 2-4 people $120 per person + tax

30' x 2-4 people $160 per person + tax

40' x 2-4 people $190 per person + tax


Estimate total time: 40 minutes roundtrip boat ride plus the 20', 30' or 40' flights plus 10 minutes between hydro flights.

20' x 5-8 people $115 per person + tax

30' x 5-8 people $150 per person + tax 

40' x 5-8 people $180 per person + tax


Estimate total time: 40 minutes roundtrip boat ride plus the 20', 30' or 40' flights plus 10 minutes between hydro flights.

20' x 9-12+ people $110 per person + tax

30' x 9-12+ people $140 per person + tax

40' x 9-12+ people $170 per person + tax


We look forward to making this your best summer ever!

Captain Mike Kiley  Extreme Hydro Flight

Questions & Answers

Q#1:What makes you fly and who controls it?

The wave-runner acts as a water pump that is connected to the commercial hydroflight board with wake board boots which the customer uses to fly. A certified flight instructor controls the thrust from a wave-runner, with training and experience to safely control your flight. We shadow throttle our customers when they are flying. This means,if you are losing your balance slowly, we will slowly lower the throttle and the rider flying into the water, and start over. When someone loses their balance quickly, we splash them into the water quickly so we may restart and get right back up flying. After going into the water, we have the rider get onto their stomach,legs straight and arms in front of them (Super Man position)and prepare to fly again. After 10 minutes,usually steps can be streamlined to go in and out of the water while never even getting your shoulders wet!

Q#2:Do I need to know how to swim?

YES, our water sport is intimately tied to the water and swimming is a pre requisite.

Q#3:What is the Minimum and Maximum Weight?

100 lbs minimum weight.There is no maximum weight restriction.People over 375 lbs have gotten up and happily checked it off their bucket list. Others have returned to do it again as it's such a thrill.

Q#4:Do I need to have tried other sports that require balance like skiing, snowboarding, water skiing, surfing,etc.?

 NO, there is no required skills to do this, however experience in any of the above can enhance your learning curve.   

Q#4A: Is it hard to balance?

It is not hard to balance once you get it. In the first 10 minutes our staff gets most everyone up and flying.  After breaking the ice, we get into the simple movements it takes to fly, and fly well.Then you are flying around and exploring a whole new world.

Q#5: Can I just rent the equipment and do it myself?

No,we rent kayaks and paddle boards for do it yourselfers.  The training and experience needed to do this operation safely, and create a positive experience every time, takes a great deal of skill by our instructors. 

Q#6:Can I buy one?

Extreme Hydro Flight is a North East dealer for the DEFY Water Flight board and have 2-Axis and 3-Axis units with hoses, clamps, U-pipe and mounting plate adapters (Yamaha) in stock and ready to ship.  Mostly this is for commercial applications, however we can sell privately with mandatory training. We mostly sell to commercial operations and train hydroflight instructors commercially.

Q#7:If I buy this privately, will my waverunner insurance cover it?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, Waverunner insurance policies have stipulations that it not be used for hydro flight sports. Leave it to the pro's unless you are looking to become a professional hydroflight athlete which is a different world entirely that we can set up for the right people.

Q#9:What is the youngest age to fly?


Q#10:Is there a waiver we have to sign?

YES,You can see a copy of our electronic smart waiver below. All minors must have their parents or legal guardian sign the smart waiver. We keep laminated copies on our boats, waverunners, and at our kayak and paddleboard rental area.

Smartwaiver Link:


Q#11: Who has to sign the smart waiver?

Everyone must sign the smart waiver who is boarding our pontoon boats, chartered cruises, chartered bass fishing trips, doing hydroflight,renting kayaks and paddleboards. We suggest this be signed ahead of time and confirmed by email prior to arrival, however we can have it signed through our secure server on site.

Smartwaiver Link:


Q#12:Where are you located and operate our business out of?

We operate our business:

Lee's Park Campground Marina 

1464 NY-9P

Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 12866

(Follow signs for boat launch when in the campground marina.  You make a left at the red bathrooms heading toward the water.  Look for our dark Blue 26 foot V-nose cargo trailer down by the camp ground boat launch adjacent to the porta potties.)

Q#13:Tell me about the bar hopping cruise?

We take you out for a cruise and have you drop off at a restaurant for cocktails and food and when you are ready head out to another place.

There are currently 2 bar restaurants on Saratoga Lake:
#1  Doc Browns:  Open 11am - 9:30pm.
511 Route 9P, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

They run live music in the summer through Labor Day

#2  Nostalgia Ale House (has nice beer flights of 4 or 6 beers on tap, good wings and live music indoors):  Open 4pm-10pm. Closed Tuesdays.  113 New York 9P, Malta, NY 12020

We are located at: Lee's Park Campground and Marina. Address:  1464 Route 9P.  Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.

Please sign attached smartwaiver for Extreme Hydro Flight Release of Liability prior to arrival and confirm by email link.

Smartwaiver Link:


Q#14:What does the Hydro Flight include?

We offer 20, 30, and 40 minute flights.  This price includes the pontoon boat ride and one guest for everyone coming out with us. This includes gas, boat captain, and life jackets. Additional guests on a single boat are $10 per guest and $5 for 12 and under.  


There is nothing that comes even close to the awesome experience that we deliver every time.  If your party wishes to enjoy more chartered pontoon boat cruising after your flight, we offer this at $120 per hour.

Q#15:What does the Chartered boat cruises cost?

 PAYMENT POLICY: Our policy is that we take half as down payment and charge the second half on the day of flight. 

Chartered Boat Cruises:   Our pricing policy is $120 per hour + tax which includes a boat captain, gas, and life jackets so you can relax and enjoy.  There is no charge for gas or additional fees, other than the local tax.

Q#16:What does Kayak / Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Cost and how long can we use them for?

Single Kayak & Stand Up Paddleboard:  $25/4 hrs. & $45/8 hrs. Tandem Kayak:  $45/4 hrs. & $75/8 hrs.  We also offer multiple day rentals however we must lock up the equipment overnight as per our company policy.  Please call us to discuss custom pricing further.

Q#17: What does your drone video give you and how much?

DRONE VIDEO PRICING:  Our BASIC DRONE VIDEO PACKAGE is $75 for unedited video footage including 10 to 12 separate aerial pictures.  

Our COMPLETE DRONE VIDEO PACKAGE is $125, and includes the basic drone video package plus a short professionally edited video by our drone videographer using the music of your choice. We do not offer videos to the song Freebird, but a 3-4 minute song is good. This video is ideal to be uploaded to social media and to share with friends and family.

All drone video can be emailed using a link to Dropbox that you can download ypur video from and/or place on your memory stick at the end of your flight.  Profesionally edited DRONE VIDEO PACKAGES, can be emailed to you for download via Dropbox usually within 24 hours. We have had only positive reviews from our customers.

Videos can be shot in 4K, however the video size, and download time, combined with dramatically longer editing times is more expensive, we discuss the price on a case by case basis. The raw unedited 4K video footage is an option, and ideal for you to edit yourself.

Q#18  Can you  tell me about the Hydro Flight Camp?.....  

We offer a 5 day long HYDRO FLIGHT CAMP to teenagers aged 13 to 17 which runs Monday to Friday from late June to the end of August around Labor Day. The groups are small groups of 6 and we could have 12 kids in the 2 separate groups in a week. In our camp we teach our students safe and responsible hydroflight, techniques, hose management, situational awareness, boat safety and operation in a structured setting designed by certified teacher and certified master flight instructor. Our students go out in  2 small groups:  8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.  Every day our students learn new skills Monday to Thursday.  Friday is graduation day where our students show off their new skills for family and friends in a high visibility location. 

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