About Us

At Extreme Hydro Flight, we offer clients the opportunity to pilot our state of the art Fly Board equipment under the supervision and control of our Certified Flight Instructors.

The flight instructors perform one on one instruction prior to flight. They also provide in-flight instruction during the flight via wireless two way communication with the pilot while controlling the thrust of the fly board. Each flight is custom tailored to the pilot’s age and skill level ensuring a once in a lifetime experience that is thrilling, enjoyable and above all else is safe.

While one person flies anywhere from 5 to 15 feet above the water’s surface, their friends and family can kick back, relax. They can listen to some tunes and watch from the water on one of our luxury pontoon boats piloted by certified/licensed boat captains.


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Towable Tubing

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Water Skiing

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Boat Cruises

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Custom Sunset Cruises