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Equipment Rentals

Enjoy A Hassle-Free Day Out On Lake Saratoga

What family doesn’t enjoy a day out on the water together? But hauling all that gear for your favorite watersports can be a pain, especially if you don’t have a truck. Worry no longer, with paddlesport equipment rentals from Extreme Hydro Flight New York! When you come to enjoy a day on Lake Saratoga in Saratoga Springs, you can save yourself the hassle of hauling gear by renting your kayaks, paddleboards, and more from our lakeside shop. Come on by today!

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Extreme Hydro Flight New York is the perfect pit stop before a day of fun out on Lake Saratoga. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy a variety of watersports and other fun activities out on the lake, including:

  • Unforgettable hydroflight flyboarding excursions
  • Thrilling towable tubing trips
  • Personalized private boat cruises, including sunset and evening trips
  • Exciting water skiing and kneeboarding trips
  • Fun kayak and paddleboard rentals
  • And more!

Saratoga Springs’ Top Shop For Paddlesport Rentals

Extreme Hydro Flight New York is best known for the epic flyboarding excursions we take clients on, but we’re also the best place on Lake Saratoga to find equipment rentals for paddlesports! No matter if you’re looking to do some paddleboarding, solo kayaking, or tandem kayaking, we can outfit you with the equipment and safety gear you need to enjoy a great day out on the water. Come by to grab the gear you need today!

How To Enjoy Paddlesports Safely

  • Check the weather forecast before you go, and be sure to pack accordingly for the expected water temperature. Remember, when it comes to staying warm in the water, it’s always best to over-prepare, since you can always take a layer off if the lake is warmer than expected.

  • Don’t forget to wear a life vest, and follow all water safety regulations while out on Lake Saratoga.

  • Keep in mind that offshore winds can make it more difficult to return to shore.

  • Drink lots of water while out in the sun.

  • If you're trying kayaking or paddleboarding for the first time and need basic instructions on paddling technique and water safety, ask Extreme Hydro Flight New York staff for pointers! We’d be glad to assist you.

  • When kayaking on Lake Saratoga, try to stay closer to the shore and avoid the deeper areas of water where boats travel.

  • For extra safety, be sure to inform Extreme Hydro Flight New York of your paddlesports plan — where you plan to kayak, how many people are in your party, and how long you plan to be gone. If something goes wrong and you don’t return, we’ll know to get help and where to direct it.

Pricing Information

Our paddlesports equipment rentals, including our kayak rentals and paddleboard rentals, are offered via a first-come, first-serve basis. We don’t take reservations, so make sure when you come for a day out on Lake Saratoga to come early and budget accordingly so that you can get the rentals you want and enjoy a hassle-free day out on the lake.

Paddlesports Equipment Rentals

  • Paddleboards— $10/hour
  • 1-Person Kayaks — $10/hour
  • Tandem Kayaks — $15/hour

*Minimum rental is 3 hours

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