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Private Boat Cruises

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You can almost picture it now, can't you — the sun shining, the gentle Saratoga Springs breeze blowing through your hair, the purr of a boat motor, and the surf and spray following behind you as you cruise around Lake Saratoga.

With private boat cruises from Extreme Hydro Flight New York, you can enjoy a perfectly relaxing day out on the lake your way! However you would enjoy Lake Saratoga best, be it partying all day on various beaches, fishing or swimming in the water, or indulging in dinner on the waterfront and a breathtaking cruise at sunset, our captains can make that happen for you! We’ll take care of all the boat steering, gas and nitty gritty details, you just bring the cooler and enjoy Lake Saratoga your way! Continue reading below for pricing information, and connect with Extreme Hydro Flight New York to book your private boat cruise today!

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Our Private Boat Cruises Are The Best Way To Enjoy Lake Saratoga:

  • Enjoy any variety of chartered boat trips, including drop anchor and swim cruises, fishing cruises, and all-day party cruises

  • Indulge in a private cruise anytime in the daytime or in the evening

  • Personalize your boat cruise down to the finest detail

  • Let us handle the details as you relax and enjoy a custom boat cruise experience

Private Boat Cruises On Lake Saratoga

Come experience the thrill of Lake Saratoga the most stress-free way possible — with your own chartered boat cruise! The captains at Extreme Hydro Flight New York are all highly trained, fully certified boating experts — after all, we’ve been featured on the Travel Channel! — and we’re here to handle the details and safety while you kick back and relax your way. Is that with a laid-back fishing trip? A party cruise where you bring a cooler of beer onboard with you? How about taking in the breathtaking transition from sunset to moonlight out on the water? Whatever your idea of the perfect day is, we’re here to make it happen. Call us today to schedule your own private boat cruise on Lake Saratoga!

Pricing Information

Our chartered boat cruises can take the form of practically any type of boating trip you can think of, including drop anchor and swim cruises, fishing trips, Saratoga Lake tours, bring-your-cooler party cruises, sunset cruises, or starlit evening cruises. Our private boat cruises are priced as follows:

Daytime Boat Cruises

  • 7-8 passenger boat, captain, and gas — $160/hour

  • 12+ passenger boat, captain and gas — $225/hour

  • Coming in 2021: a 25+ passenger boat!

After Hours Boat Cruises

  • Sunset cruise in our 7-8 passenger boat — $270 for 90 minutes, $360 for 2 hours

  • Sunset cruise in our 12+ passenger boat — $370 for 90 minutes, $480 for 2 hours

  • Starlight evening cruise in our 7-8 passenger boat — $540 for 3.5 hours

  • Starlight evening cruise in our 12+ passenger boat — $875 for 3.5 hours

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